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How to Setup Spoofer

Sequence 01
  1. Uninstall Valorant and Vanguard after Restart PC 
    After u can run spoofer,  when finish spoof process ur computer get restarted and after u must be bios update / downgrade
    Flash BIOS To a different version ASUS Tutorial:

    Video thumb

    Gigabyte Tutorial:
    Video thumb

    MSI Tutorial:
    Video thumb

    Asrock Tutorial:
    Video thumb

    (If your other supported systems, google how to update your bios, but the above are the most popular.) * DO NOT USE AN OLD ACCOUNT/BUY AN ACCOUNT OR USE OTHERS ACCOUNTS, ALL ACCOUNTS AFTER SPOOFER SHOULD BE NEW TO AVOID LOSS OF SKINS. * NEVER use CCleaner * Make sure you make a NEW ACCOUNT with a NEW EMAIL * You can safely enable back your windows protection. * Don’t buy skins within the first week of using spoofer!